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Please read prior to face-to-face counselling


Safety Precautions during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Sanctuary Therapy


As long as Covid-19 remains an active public health threat, Sanctuary Therapy will be taking some simple precautions to provide protection during face-to-face work.


My commitment to my clients:


• If I begin to feel unwell or am displaying any symptoms, I will inform you immediately and either rearrange your appointment or offer an online session instead.


• I will follow all regulatory requirements relating to social distancing, maintaining a minimum of two meters at all times.


• I will take my temperature and wash my hands upon arrival at work and will wash and sanitise hands between each session.


• I will wear a face shield for all sessions to protect myself and my clients.


• I will open the door to the therapy room for you at the beginning and end of the session. I will also offer you hand sanitiser at the door.


• Where possible and if confidentiality allows, I will keep a window open during the session. I will also ‘air out’ the therapy room during sessions.


• I will not be providing any water or tissues so please bring your own.


My requirements for clients:


• If you are feeling unwell or are displaying any symptoms, please do inform me straight away. I will either rearrange your appointment or move your session to an online appointment.


• Clients must wear a face covering at all times in the building, this can be removed only when in the room.


• Each client must use hand sanitiser upon entry of the building and therapy room.


• All clients must arrive as close to their time as possible, to reduce people in the building at any one time.


• For your safety, please use your own toilet facilities at home before leaving for the session if possible.


• Compliance with all regulatory requirements relating to social distancing by maintaining a minimum of one-meter distance from the therapist at all times.


This is a period of rapid change for us all and the sources cited in this are updated frequently to reflect the latest information – please check the links provided to make sure the details are still relevant. Government, NHS, and Public Health England.

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